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Mouse Surfer




The Mouse Surfer® is the first ever fully rotational mouse pad that can be affixed to any office equipment. Created by expert graphic designers with practicality in mind, the Mouse Surfer maximizes space management and functionality while minimizing the need for complicated devices. Simple and extremely easy to use, the Surfer is perfect for the high flying executive as well as the young student. Due to the ever increasing use of computers in our society, some people who depend on it for their livelihood have begun to experience a variety of illnesses.

Among the most common health problems are the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic back and shoulder pain, caused by sitting for long hours in front of computer terminals in less than ideal conditions. More often than not, these problems can be avoided by relatively simple solutions such as better reinforced chairs or improved placement of the keyboard and screen.

Ergonomically friendly and specifically adapted to fit on desktops, chairs and even wheelchairs, the Surfer allows users more freedom of movement and comfort in computer related tasks. By eliminating the strain caused by awkward sitting positions when using certain computer peripherals such as a mouse, the Surfer promotes proper body form and a realxed natural posture. Employee’s motivation is enhanced through comfort, and increased comfort results in improved productivity and effectiveness on the job.

Combining a totally radical and revolutionary design with high-tech precision crafted materials, the Surfer will prove to be an invaluable asset to those who make computers the center of their work environment.


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